Michael Lightworker




Beyond the Veil of Illusion

Ebook by
Michael Lightworker

New ebook by Australian author, Michael Lightworker. A perfect introduction to the Path of Self Discovery - simply explained ideas, effective exercises and full of precious pearls of wisdom for both beginners on the Path and those who may be struggling at this time of great change and transformation...

If you have noticed the "glitches in the Matrix", wonder about the increasing chaos in the world, or want to know about connecting with your true inner self: the only True source of personal power and wisdom, then.... It is time to read this beginner's guide to inner work and enlightenment.

If you are drawn to the path of wisdom and knowledge, seek the Truth and wish to connect to 'Source' (a higher power, God, the Creator, however you choose to name it), many doorways will be opened to you in this book. 

It is full of precious pearls of wisdom that provide deep insights and perspectives on the wondrous and sometimes confusing experience we call 'life'.

Full of simply explained ideas and effective exercises that will start you on your Path of becoming clearer within yourself and your dismantling of the so called 'veil of illusion. 

Michael Lightworker, an Australian teacher and natural therapist shares his acquired wisdom in this ebook which contains plenty of simply explained ideas along with effective practices to assist those who are wishing to make progress on their Path of personal discovery.